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What We Do

The year 1978 witnessed the dawn of the brand Sulfast. Beginning with the sulphur powder dyes - a lot of other products/ ranges got added over the years- based on in-house development and along with joint ventures and associations with various manufacturers of repute, both domestic and international.

All this has been driven, predominantly by our desire and motivation, to serve our clients as completely impossible.

As corollary- whilst our products/ranges have become quote versatile, the paramount area of activity continues to remain:

Our ongoing endeavour has been and will always be, to specify Value in the eyes of the customers. Towards realising that objective our emphasis on after sales service continues to remain our prime focus Area.

There is an ongoing celebration of colours at Sulfast.

May we exhort you to come and join the family and savour the ‘Sulfast Experience’!

About Sulfast

“ Strategic partnerships with well-established domestic & international organizations have ensured that our customers are being offered the best & latest technology in their area of application. ”

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